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Swim Lesson Information
On-line swim lesson registration is closed. Beginning Wednesday, May 24, any available swim lessons will be available to both residents and non-residents at the front desk at the aquatic center.

Learn to swim at the pool is designed to focus on the fundamentals of swimming, water safety and fun. Children must be at least 4 years old by the first day of class to register for lessons. Classes must have a minimum of 3 students registered to hold the class.  Classes are thirty (30) minutes offered Monday through Thursday for a two (2) week period.  If a day is cancelled, the Friday of that week will be used as a make-up day.  Lessons will only be cancelled due to lightning or thunder.

2017 Swim Lesson Rates:

$45.00 – Resident / 2016 Season Pass Holder Rate
– please note that you must have already processed your Season Pass to be eligible for this rate. An additional fee will apply if you register at this rate and your pass has not been processed.
$55.00 – Resident Non-Season Pass Holder Rate – please note that you will need to provide proof of residency for this rate.  Please follow instructions to do so on the registration website.

On-line registration is available to Orange Township residents only.  Non-resident sign ups can be completed at the front desk of the North Orange Aquatic Center any time after the pool opens on May 20, 2016, for any remaining classes.

$65.00 – Non Resident Rate – At this time non-residents may not register on-line for Swim Lessons.  Non-resident sign-ups can be completed at the North Orange Aquatic Center any time after the pool opens on May 24, 2017, for any remaining classes.

Registration for Swim Lessons after May 24, 2017 must be completed at the North Orange Aquatic Center at the front desk.  On-Line registration will be shut down once the pool opens.

If you have any questions regarding swim lesson registration please contact the front desk at the North Orange Aquatic Center 740-657-8881.

Have a safe and fun summer!

Session dates:
Session 1:  June 5 to June 16              Session 3:  July 10 to July 21
Session 2:  June 19 to June 30               Session 4:  July 24 to August 4

Session Times:
All of our lessons will take place at 3 times in the morning at:    9:05 AM    9:40 AM    10:15 AM
Levels 1 & 2 (Tadpole & Guppies) will have an additional evening lesson at:  5:30 PM

Swim Lesson Class Descriptions

LEVEL 1 TADPOLE: This class is for children who are new to swim lessons . It focuses on basic water safety and developing a comfort level in the water. It teaches water orientation, body submersion, beginner floating , and beginner arm and leg movements.
prerequisite= swimmers may be enrolled in this class who are new to swimming lessons or have acquired some water orientation but no floating skills and little face in the water experience.

LEVEL 2 GUPPIES: This class is for children who are comfortable in the water. It focuses on teaching students to float and recover to a standing position on both the front and back without assistance, combining the arm and leg movements for freestyle and backstroke and underwater swimming.
prerequisite= swimmers entering this class are ready to explore putting his/her face in the water, beginning floating (front and back) and jumping into the pool in shallow water.

LEVEL 3 STARFISH (Primary skills): This class is for children who are learning to swim the primary strokes without assistance. It focuses on teaching students independent swimming for short distances. Rhythmic breathing, gliding on front and back and treading water is introduced.
prerequisite= to register for this class students must be able to float front and back, blow bubbles under water comfortably and move arms in a general freestyle swimming motion.

LEVEL 4 DOLPHIN (Stroke Readiness): This class is for children who are swimming short distances without assistance. It focuses on strengthening the strokes, side breathing and underwater swimming. Diving and open turns are introduced.
prerequisite= swimmers must be able to swim more than half a length freestyle, at least 20 feet of backstroke, retrieve an object from the bottom of the pool in at least 4 feet of water and jump into the deep end.

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