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Bid Title: Request For Qualifications Orange Township Parks Master Plan
Category: Park Department
Status: Closed




Orange Township Board of Trustees
Delaware County, Ohio
1680 East Orange Road
Lewis Center, Ohio 43035

Orange Township Board of Trustees (OTBT) are requesting statements of qualifications from professional firms interested and capable of providing services to develop a Parks Master Plan for the entire Orange Township parks, and recreation facilities.

Your submission is requested no later than 2:00 PM (EST), September 25, 2020.  Submissions may be mailed to Orange Township Director of Operations, 1680 East Orange Road, Lewis Center, Ohio 43035 or hand delivered to 1680 East Orange Road, Lewis Center, Ohio 43035.

1.  Overview

Located in Delaware County, Ohio, Orange Township park facilities include but are not limited to 108+ acres of park land, 7 parks, 14 miles of bike trails, one aquatic facility, youth baseball fields, soccer fields and rental facilities. 

The Master Plan will serve as a usable blueprint to the OTBT, consultants, committees and staff for the future growth and maintenance of the Orange Township parks and facilities.

Statement of qualifications shall indicate specific task assignments for your group along with the identification of the responsible professional persons(s) for each task.  Weight for selection of award of Orange Township Parks Master Plan will be given, among other considerations, to the appropriateness of the personnel assigned to the task, similar experience, and proposed tasks which are unique to the development of a Parks Master Plan.  Selection process may also include an interview with perspective consultant. 

2.  Request for Qualifications (RFQ) Contact and Questions

Questions concerning this RFQ’s can be addressed to:

William Cowan
Director of Operations
1680 East Orange Road
Lewis Center, Ohio 43035


3.  Pre-submission Requirements

All interested firms are required to:

A.  Carefully and thoroughly evaluate the scope of services, submission requirements, and other relevant information.  Failure to read, examine and understand the RFP will not excuse any failure to comply with the requirements of the RFQ’s.

B.  Visit the parks and trail sites to become familiar with the general local and site-specific conditions.

C.  Consider federal, state, and local laws and regulations when making recommendations.

4.  Scope of Services

The following services have been identified by the OTBT as essential needs for the Parks Master Plan:

I.   Complete a comprehensive analysis and evaluation of conditions of all Orange Township park properties, parks, playgrounds, shelters, buildings, sport courts, sports fields, maintenance fleet, asphalt parking lots, ponds, restroom buildings, walking trails, aquatic center, swimming pool mechanicals and other items that may apply.  The successful bidder will be expected to examine Orange Township’s data first to avoid duplicative costs in assessing the state and lifespan of parks’ equipment and buildings.

 II. Provide prioritized recommendations and phasing for renovations, redevelopments, replacements, decommissioning, maintenance, and improvements of existing and proposed parks, playgrounds, shelters, buildings, sport courts, sports fields, maintenance fleet, asphalt parking lots, walking trails, aquatic center, swimming pool mechanicals, etc. based on research and documented needs. Make recommendations regarding current usage and propose, if necessary, more efficient uses and desirable amenities. 

III. Schedule and attend monthly progress meetings.

IV. Include cost estimates to cover recommendations provided in the Plan.

V. Identify Orange Township staffing requirements to implement recommendations of the Plan.

VI. Identification of potential alternative funding sources, including grants, foundations, sponsorships, fees, etc. that can be used to help implement recommendations of the Plan.

VII. Include other pertinent information required to make the Plan a workable understandable document.

VIII. Delivery of a final Plan suitable for determining phasing, budgeting, and implementation by the OTBT.

IX. Establish guidelines for future planning and updates to the Plan.

5.  Submittal Requirements / General Evaluation Criteria.

The following criteria will be used to evaluate the written submittal of the firm’s qualifications along with possible interviews and such other information as the OTBT deems necessary in order to responsibly evaluate the qualifications.

The firm shall be required to comply with all federal, state and local laws, rules and regulations applicable to the performance of its services or the performance of any portion of the work which it performs.

A.  Firm Information

I. Statement of Interest.

II. Firm name, business address, telephone number, and email addresses.

III. Type of organization, partnership, individual, corporation or other.  List if your firm is owned or partially owned by any other organization or individuals, and state the name and address of said organization or individuals.

IV. Year in which your firm was established and number of years the firm has provided relevant services.

V. The names, education, training, and qualifications of the proposed Principal-in-Charge for this project.  Also include the same information for associates and consultants that will be involved in the project.  Describe their experience with similar projects.

VI. Provide the OTBT with evidence of insurance coverage: General Liability, Errors and Omissions, Automobile Liability and Worker’s Compensation.

B.  Project Experience

I. Describe the firm’s experience in working with park and recreation agencies to develop similar master plans.

II. Provide a complete list of your current master plan projects completed within the last ten years.  Include project names, locations, a brief description of project scope, year completed, owner’s names, addresses and contact phone numbers.

III. Provide any information regarding your firm’s involvement in litigation, arbitration, or mediation with a project similar in size and scope.

C.  Project Approach

I. Describe your firm’s general approach and philosophy to master plan projects.  What is a typical sequence of work for a project of this nature?  Include typical milestones, key dates, deliverables and estimated number of meetings.

II. What role the OTBT and Orange Township staff play in this process?

III. What is your firm’s approach to identifying projects and tasks that can be performed by the Orange Township staff as opposed to outside contractors?

IV. Describe communication methods that your firm will use to insure project expectations are met.

V. Provide a brief description or list of current projects and associated workload of your firm.

VI. Explain what you feel distinguishes your firm from others in the field and what makes your firm a good candidate to work with OTBT.

6.  Project Timeline

The following tentative schedule, which is subject to change, identifies the approach the OTBT will take in selecting a firm:

Request for Qualifications Due:          September 25, 2020
Firm Selection:                                    November, 2020
Master Plan Study:                              November 2020 through July 2021.

7.  Submission Process and Required Documents

A.  Include a total of eight (6) original written submissions.

B.  Responses must be received no later than 2:00 PM, EST, September 25, 2020.

C.  All submittals become the property of the OTBT and will not be returned to the firm.

D.  All costs associated with submission preparation will be the sole responsibility of the firm and no reimbursements will be provide by the OTBT.

8.  Selection Procedure.

The OTBT intends to conduct a comprehensive, fair and impartial evaluation of qualifications received in the response to this RFP.  The selection of the firm will be made using established evaluation criteria, following the general procedure provided for in the Local Government Professional Services Selection Act.

A.  Written Submission Evaluations

I.  A selection team will review and evaluate all written submissions made in response to this RFQ’s in accordance with the submittal requirements set forth herein and based on such other information and matters as deemed necessary to determine the qualifications, responsibility, and suitability of each frim submitting.

II. Submissions will be subject to the written submission rating system set forth in Section 10 of this RFQ’s.

B.  Interviews and Presentations

I.  Following written submission criteria, there may be selected up to three qualified firms to proceed to the interview and presentation stage of the selection process.

II. At the interview and presentation, each finalist shall be required to explain its submission in detail, including, full discussion of how its approach to the project satisfies the OTBT need.  In addition, each finalist shall be required to answer questions posed by the interview team.  Presentations may include slides, graphics, and other media necessary for the firm to demonstrate qualifications and ability.  Presentations should not materially change the information contained in the written submission.  Each finalist must have all principal members of its proposed project team present.

III. The interview team may request additional information from one or more of the finalists or their references to assist in evaluations.

C.  Selection

I.  The interview team will rank the finalists in the order of their qualifications for the project.

II. Following such ranking, the highest ranked firm will be contacted followed by an official price proposal to complete the work described herein.

III. If fewer than three submissions are received and it is determined the firm(s) which did submit are qualified, OTBT may negotiate a contract with any such firm(s) as provided by Law.

9.  Downgrading or Disqualifications

A.  The following are cause for downgrading or rejection of qualifications.

I.  The firm fails to deliver a response by the due date and time.

II. The firm fails to meet or materially changes one or more requirements of the RFQ’s.

III. The firm fails to include information necessary to substantiate its claims.

IV. The firm fails to respond to requests for additional information, documents or references.

10.  Rating System

Each firm will be rated based upon the following criteria:

Written Submission Criteria                                                               Possible Points
Complete submission                                                                                      5
State of qualifications, general understanding of objectives                         25
Similar project experience                                                                              25
Proposed project approach                                                                            25
General capabilities, experience and resources of the firm                          25
Willingness to meet time requirements                                                         25
Workload of the firm                                                                                      20
Maximum number of points                                                                           150

Interview and Presentation Criteria                                                   Possible Points
Statement of qualifications, general understanding of objectives                25
Proposed project approach                                                                            25
General capabilities, experience and resources of the firm                          25
Overall presentation                                                                                       25
References                                                                                                      25
Maximum number of points                                                                           125

Publication Date/Time:
8/21/2020 12:00 AM
Closing Date/Time:
9/25/2020 2:00 PM

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