Electric Aggregation Program

Electric Energy Aggregation Program  

In November 2014, Orange Township voters overwhelming approved participation in the township Aggregation Program. As a result, residents are informed each time a new program period begins, and receive a letter sharing the opportunity to "opt-out" of the Aggregation Program or, by doing nothing, participate in the Aggregation Program.

By "opting-out" of the Aggregation Program, Orange Township residents agree to seek-out an electric energy supplier on their own, finding the best rate (or price) that is currently available. By participating in the Aggregation Program, Orange Township residents agree to join together with other residents and businesses in "group-buying" to receive electric energy at rates that have been negotiated with a reputable PUCO Certified electric energy supplier.

Though, the Aggregation Program was voted and agreed upon by Orange Township voters, the Township still offers residents the option of choice; to participate in the Aggregation Program (for the negotiated rate through the "group-buying" processes) OR to seek-out and find the best rate on their own from the supplier of their choice.

Beginning July 1, 2018, under the Aggregation Program agreement with Capital Energy, residents will pay 5.199 cents per kWh through the July 2020 meter reading date - as a current comparison, AEP's current rate is 5.40 cents per kWh (which may change in June 2019).

The Township receives no financial benefit from your participation, or your choice to seek out a better rate on your own. For more information on the Aggregation Program, please contact Trebel, LLC at 877-861-2772.