Elected Officials

Elected Orange Township Officials

The township officials consist of three trustees and a township fiscal officer who are elected to four-year staggered terms. One trustee and fiscal officer is elected in one odd-numbered year, and the two remaining trustees are elected two years later.

Township Official Responsibilities

Township government concerns itself with the upkeep of the township roads and ditches, fire protection, road marking and snow removal, cemeteries, and township zoning. The township officials also serve as financial officers of the township and prepare the annual budget.

Knowing your Officials

Like any organization or unit of government, township government is what the people make it. Your personal knowledge of the officials who administer your township government and of the problems they face will make them more valuable to you. Fortunately, getting to know more about your township is simple. Your trustees and fiscal officer are your neighbors. You’ll find them eager to discuss your problems and ideas as they welcome your interest and encourage your questions.


Please follow the link on the left side of the page for a current schedule of regular trustee meetings. Unless otherwise specified, trustee meetings are held at the Township Hall.

1680 East Orange Road
Lewis Center, OH 43035

Board of Trustees

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Fiscal Officer

View Orange Township’s current Fiscal Officer.